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Filtration Roman Step 1.80m

20/50 m3/hour
lighting: High Power LED 2x10W (10000K) AC 12V; Color: Cool White, 5000 K; View Angle: 110;
one technical compartment with two-speed pump 220 (capacity 20/50 m3/h);
heating of water: electric heater 12 kW or heat exchanger;
a counter-current flow;
automatic water filling;
function of a water vacuum cleaner;
electric control panel;
one pre-filter basket;
one big filter bag 6 micron;
buttons for lighting and counter-swimming flow integrated in the filtration compartment;
the cover of filtration and technical compartments – in color of coping stones;
the cover of filtration compartment – in the shape of coping stone;
6 anti-slip inserts on steps;
Intended use
  for pools up to 80 m3 (for example, standard pool 10x5m);
Special features
Body from high-alloyed stainless steel AISI 316
Filtration Roman Step
Filtration Roman Step
Filtration Roman Step
Filtration Roman Step
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Front view
Top view
Side view
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Side view
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